Plate Lunches During Spooky Season

Traveler and Mat, one of you are ungrateful the other is Mat. Like what the fuck y’all here we are occasionally busting our asses smoking hookah talking only the realest facts for you and just the fuck dude.  This one is about food, Plate lunches exactly. Not only the nectar of the gods but during spooky season.

Blood Sucker

Oooof Sorry for this one Traveler, listen we were going to do one on the Chupacabra and well this is what came out. We have been busy and living life  and knew we had an absolute duty to serve the community of listeners that we have and publish this episode. We fought, we came, we well we sat there. Enjoy today’s shit show that is the Chupacabra.

What The Fuck Do Angels Eat

So we go back to talking about our Favorite Angel, Satan. Who else would we be talking about Traveler? We know we talked about why he is a vegan in previous episode and this one is a quasi follow up to that as we expand this to what do all angels eat? You may or may not be surprised on what the answer is depending on your level of mystical enlightenment.


Oh boy Traveler you are in a treat with this one. In an effort to ever more perfect this ongoing comedy project we are messing with the format behind the scene a bit, hope it works well. What happened in this cluster fuck was we were just discussing before life and pressing concerns decided to hit the record button and about 12 minutes into the episode finally got to the topic, RPG’s yes that’s right the natural force that had some much potential Rocket Pygmy Gorillas. Be warned this episode starts out sticky.

Pants Friend Or Foe?

So I need to know Traveler, do you wear pants. If so why the fuck are you wearing pants. Maybe we should just let loose and feel the breeze between the knees? This episode was inspired by one of our original and most loyal supporters of the podcast, may she find the most comfortable and cozy pants on this earth. Please Tweet at Iwriteok to help get Nathaniel on the Behind the Bastards Podcast!

Getting Probed At Area 51

Traveler, we got new intro, we got a new ending, we got new sponsors all just to attempt to please you and get in you good graces, because in the end we love you. You know what you do when your in love? Butt stuff, not just butt stuff, but freak alien butt stuff. That’s right, today we are talking about the planned invasion of Groom Lake, area 51 baby. Its going to get freakkkkay.

Passing Wind

What is that I feel Traveler? Its something I feel walking down the street, sailing on the high seas, between the knees. I feel it everywhere yet I cant touch it! That’s right we are talking about the most auspicious phenomenon WIND. What is wind, we got two theories behind it, a lovers quarrel or eating chili and beans. Listen to the end of the episode for three new songs by BAMF! also please tweet @IwriteOK to get Nathaniel on Behind the Bastards!!!! Matt you a bitch.

The Nefarious Nature of Lima Beans

Hello Traveler today me and Dragon break some heavy news. As you know this podcast has broken major conspiracies before. This time we dive right in to discover the nefarious nature of Lima Beans. Thats right as we once again know all hope is lost we are screwed. All hope is gone once again but don’t worry there is hope dragon back at it with his bad dragon power to tell you the TRUTH.

The End Of An Era

Sigh I am sorry Traveler for what you are about to experience. To begin season two we decided to start light with the topic of What Makes A good Sandwich, it ended in a dumpster fire. In this episode we chat with two guest about morphing this podcast into a True Crime one, we discuss is a hot dog a sandwich, and of course give our thanks to the Jewish people.

The Descent Into Illumination Most Recent Interview

Hey everyone Nathaniel here, take a look at the most recent interview I did on The Descent Into Illumination, TBH this is just a test if I can use another hosting site for this podcast.